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Inclusive leadership tools for avalanche workers and guides

Leadership Skills

Shame, or what happens when you fail.

Vulnerability, or what real courage is.

Trust, the crux (and secret ingredient) for high performing teams.

Safety, because we perform best when we feel safe.

Mindfulness - it's a leadership superpower.

Imposter Syndrome, because if we strive for high performance, we WILL struggle with this.

Mountain Masculinity

Good men speak up – learn about your voice, and why it matters here.

Equality: how it's about men too.

Are you man enough? Find out what this means.

Freedom from unhelpful male stereotypes.

MENtal health: Because real men don't ask for help. Or do they?

Sexual Harassment

Workplaces of all kinds have this in common–it's about POWER, not sex. 

Consent, because 'YES' is important.

Men: Your role, and how to talk about it.

Sexual harassment and assault–it happens to men too. 

What to do if this happens to you at work (or someone you know).

The facts.

Trauma / Stress

The price of 'not feeling'. 

PTSD, and your brain. Some science! 

Growth after PTSD, because failure is part of being human.

Resilience. It's important, because your trauma does not define you.

Treatment - why this therapy has been ranked by the World Health Organization as the number one trauma treatment. It reshapes your brain's physiology.

Canada's network of registered therapists.

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