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Resources For Resilience

The COVID-19 Pandemic has challenged everything we've assumed to be stable and safe about our world. 

We are here to support you in navigating through this challenge; and, believe we will emerge resilient and stronger than ever. 


Podcasts for Pandemic Resilience

Pandemic of Possibilities by Zach Bush, MD

Ten Percent Happier Podcast by

Dan Harris

Greater Good (Berkeley U) Podcasts

Jack Kornfield


Guiding Industry Economic Resilience

Canadian Chamber of Commerce COVID-19

Canadian Federal Government Support for Small Business

Business Continuity During Pandemic (an Australian perspective)

Forbes Magazine – How Your Business Survives Pandemic


Image by Tyler Nix

Family Resilience

Family Resilience Checklist during Pandemic

Psychological Skills for Parents During Pandemic

Grief During Pandemic 

Resources from the Center for Loss and Life Transition

Coping with Loss and Grief During Pandemic: A conversation series with WBUR, with links to Kubler-Ross's grief framework







During Covid-19

Loving Kindness Meditation

Many of us are separated from our loved ones during this time of pandemic. Use this simple mindfulness practice to connect through loving kindness with those who are far away (7 mins).

Compassion Meditation

Large world events can make us feel overwhelmed and out of control. Use this tried-and-true practice of compassion to send wisdom and compassion to world leaders, your community, your family, and yourself (10 mins).

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